About us

Our basic kind of activity is the web-design. Therefore the project first of all is devoted a web-design and to all aspects of development of sites, beginning from acquaintance to firm - the customer, and finishing possible variants of cooperation.

By development of a site we direct the efforts on following to five directions:

  • To do not only and it is not so much for the client, how many for the user come on a site.
  • To optimize a site under all known browsers (including text) and all operational systems.
  • To not use technologies which in any degree stir to reception of the information and by that push away a target audience
  • To develop a site under all requirements modern usability.
  • To promote promotion of a site on the Internet.
  • sites

Заметки Заметки Заметки
Заметки Заметки

We can offer schemes of cooperation on the Internet on absolutely gratuitous basis at which other firms zainteresovanno will advertise you in the environment of your target audience.

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